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Breault Two-Peats US Sailing Women’s Match Race Champs

Nicole Breault- sailing J/22 match raceBreault Two-Peats US Sailing Women’s Match Race Champs
(Annapolis, MD)- This past weekend in Annapolis, Nicole Breault (San Francisco, CA) became only the second skipper to win back-to-back U.S. Women’s Match Racing Championships in event history. Breault, the reigning defending champion from last year’s event in Balboa, California, defeated hometown sailor Janel Zarkowsky (Annapolis, Md.), 3-0, in Sunday afternoon’s final series on Chesapeake Bay. The 2016 U.S. Women’s Match Racing Championship was hosted by Annapolis Yacht Club, Friday through Sunday, in the J/22 class sailboat.

Breault- winner of J/22 Match Race Women's champs
Breault was joined by a talented crew comprised of Molly Carapiet (San Francisco, Calif.), Karen Loutzenheiser (Santa Cruz, Calif.), and Hannah Burroughs (San Francisco, Calif.). Carapiet and Loutzenheiser won with Breault in last year’s championship. Also, for the second straight year, Zarkowsky’s team ran into Breault in the Finals and finished runner-up.

“We won because of teamwork,” stated Breault. “You can’t under estimate that part of the game, especially with all the maneuvering you want to do, you need it delivered, and I couldn’t do it without them.”

Breault will be racing at the 2016 World Sailing Women’s Match Racing World Championships in Sheboygan, WI on September 19-25.

“I’ve been looking for a chance to race against Stephanie (Roble) and her whole team, and I’ll see her in Sheboygan,” commented Breault.  Roble is the top ranked U.S. women’s match racer.

J/22 women's match race regatta
The team from the Bay area was dominant throughout the three-day event. In the three Round Robin stages, they were 5-0, 4-1 and 5-0, respectively. They won their semifinal series, 3-0, over Robyn Lesh (Oyster Bay, N.Y.) to advance to the finals. Lesh upended Morgan Wilson, 2-0, in the petite finals to take third place.

The first Round Robin was conducted on Friday and the second and third Round Robins took place Saturday. The knock-out rounds were raced on Sunday.

Breault, who was introduced to match racing in 2008, is ranked #2 in the country for women’s match racing. She also won the Nation’s Cup in 2015.  Previous winners of the U.S. Women’s Match Racing Championship include an impressive list of the top women sailors in recent U.S. history. Cory Sertl, Betsy Alison, Sally Barkow, Anna Tunnicliffe, Stephanie Roble, Genny Tulloch, Liz Baylis, and Debbie Cappozi have all won this US Sailing National Championship.

Breault offered her perspective on how women can participate in match racing – “Women who want to match race now have two options. The first is to take full advantage of open division events around the country. The open division of match racing is not reserved for men, it is open! The only advantage male sailors might have over female sailors is their higher (on average) strength-to-weight ratio. On smaller boats, this advantage does not mean much, and on larger boats, athletic women on a smart team can still win. Besides, mixed-gender crews can be more fun!”

Next up for Nicole is St Francis YC’s Rolex Big Boat Series starting Thursday as main/tactician, sailing on husband Bruce Stone’s J/105 ARBITRAGE.  Then, a week later her match racing team reassembles to compete in the Women's International Match Racing Championship in Sheboygan, WI.  For more US Sailing Women’s Match Race Championship sailing information

Quelle: J/Newsletter, 14. September

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