Mittwoch, 26. Juni 2013

European Championships: To ensure a smooth check-in for 28 (!) boats on Thursday...

To ensure a smooth check-in for 28 (!) boats on Thursday, please consider the following procedure:
1) Park boat at crane location. Crane is only accessible by car through Havenstraat, not in opposite direction. Trailers can be parked here for the event. Note that the harbour brigde is one-direction only. See SI annex A.
2) First register for the event in regatta office (see SI annex A), demonstrating eligibility to participate (as per NoR3.4). Pick up your "equipment control form". Regatta office opens at 13:00h.
3) Optionally, perform crew weigh-in at regatta office with entire team complete. You may weigh-in after hoisting, if preferred. There is an option to complete your weigh-in at the last minute on Friday morning at 07:15h.
4) Proceed to crane for equipment control and hoisting. Crane arrives at 16:00h. Prepare boat for weigh-in and hoisting, preferably with mast upright. Boat shall be completely empty, only including rudder and tiller assembly, mast, boom, spinnaker pole and bag, all running and standing rigging and equipment required per CR6. Sails shall be off the boat.
5) Park your car inside the markings on one of the following parkings: Haringvlietstraat, Scheldestraat, Hoofdpoortstraat. See

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