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French Open/Warming Up for the Worlds 2012, 16.-17. Juni

June 16th and 17th J22 French Open, the french step of the Euroleague Tour

Participate to the French Open J22 which take place the 16th and 17th of June, one week before the Worlds, take a rest in the Nantes surroundings where so many things may be done to match your cultural, tourism or carpe diem expectations http://en.nantes-tourisme.com/discover-3113.html or go a step ahead an join the place where the Worlds will take place and enjoy this wonderful sea side as well http://www.crouesty.co.uk/ or http://www.crouesty.de/.

As regards the regatta itself what we can tell you right now is the following:

  • This regatta is the most popular among the French J22 crews with 15 boats each time.
  • Waters for the J22 French Open are the ones of a large river with no stream which is famous for its bank beauty (Manor, pastures). Located at 20 km east of Nantes in Carquefou (44470) and hosted at the S.N.O Sailing Club http://www.snonantes.com.
  • NOR and registration not yet available. We will keep you updated.
  • It's a low cost regatta with less than 50€ entry fees, starting Saturday early afternoon there is a crew diner scheduled on the Saturday evening
  • Location of the J22 French Open is only 150km away from Le Crouesty where the Worlds is hosted.
  • Sailing Club gives us its agreement to park the boats until you move one week after to the Worlds location, at no extra charge.
So the ones who want to spend one holiday week in France should value this opportunity. For the others it's at least less travel with the boat behind if they plan to assist to the French Open and the Worlds.

For accommodation please consider the following which are close to the Sailing Club:

Résidence du Fournil, phone : 0033 6 07 71 32 56

Park and Suites Hotel, phone : 0033 2 28 23 07 34
We are presently in negotiation to provide you a Park and Suites Hotel special rate. Will keep you informed.

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